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Zoso from YahooAnswers asks: F2 – A5 is this a good vocal range?

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

F2 – A5 is this a good vocal range?

i am male 22, i have 3.3 scale vocal range. what catagory does it fall? is it baritone or soprano or something like that? help me figure it out plzzz 🙂



My answer for Zoso:

3.3 oct range is pretty darn good. You probably have more range than that if you develop the vocal “fry” area of your voice in the lowest register. Most of my students sing between 4-5 octaves, some more and some less.As far as your voice part, it’s hard to tell based only on what notes you can hit. Sometimes singers who can sing very low notes still have a “vocal timbre” that sound like high notes. In other words, some guys might have and E2 or F2 as a low note (which might normally be associated with a baritone voice) but have a tenor timbre (vocal color and quality of a tenor). Conversely, some guys might be able to sing extremely high notes, yet have a baritone timbre which is generally deeper and fuller than your typical tenor.All that being said, I would say that the range you described for a guy would typically make you a 1st baritone (high baritone) or 2nd tenor (low tenor). With a really good voice teacher, you could easily develop good, comfortably sung performance notes right up to B5 or beyond.

Happy Singing!!


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