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How to stop “scooping” or reaching up to high notes.

Updated: Jul 26, 2019


Stop reaching for high notes!

Here’s a simple solution to stop scooping or reaching up to high notes. Practice first by putting an “m” or “n” in front of an open vowel too which you are scooping. Tune the “m”, and then open to the vowel.

For instance, if you’re scooping up to a note on the word “outside”, then practice first singing “mmmmoutside”. The key is to be sure that your “m” is in tune before you open to the “ah” sound of “outside”.

Get in tune quickly on the “m” or “n”. Try to shorten the time it takes to tune up the “m”. Work your way to singing “ON the pitch” (no scoop) on the “m” or “n”.

After you get rid of the scoop on the “m”, then try going straight to the open vowel (“ah” in the case of this example) in tune, ON the pitch.

Your listeners will be grateful!

Happy Singing!!


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