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 - Becoming a Certified Voice Teacher - 

The Right Training Really Does Make The Difference.

Are you a voice teacher who wants to formalize your teaching qualifications and build a more successful studio? Or maybe you're considering a career as a voice teacher, helping singers improve while earning a great income while teaching.

Even if you’ve never taught before, you’ll be able to start teaching sooner than you think. Of course, you will begin immediately building your skills as a teacher so that you can quickly start helping singers improve.


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New to Teaching

New to Teaching?


What's next? Schedule a Quick Discussion with Eric to See If This Program Is Right For You... 

If you love singing, and you believe you'd love helping people achieve their goals of singing with a better, stronger, effortless sounding voice, then becoming a singing instructor may very well be the right career path for you.

Never taught voice lessons before? That's ok! Every voice teacher who ever taught started by teaching his/her first voice student. You just need training on how to teach, and (if you've never taught before) how to begin teaching!

Many people think that advanced degrees are necessary to become a singing teacher. Believe me, most of the voice teachers and voice coaches in colleges don't even know how to help students sing without their voices cracking when they sing! Or they only teach vocal technique in a single musical style. There is a better way!

It is infinitely more important to train with a master teacher who understands how to teach vocal technique, and how to apply that same vocal technique to all musical styles.

A master voice teacher is one who is excellent at training others to become excellent voice teachers.

With good training and some work on your part, you can learn to be a successful voice teacher. Not only will you love what you do, you'll also have a great paying career. This program can show you how!

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Become an Excellent Teacher

Become an

Excellent Teacher

"I love singing, and I feel that I'm pretty good at it, but I don't really feel confident that I have the ability or credentials to effectively teach others or help them improve like they would want. I want to really know what I'm doing, otherwise I'd feel like I'm just pretending to know what I'm doing."

I hear that statement all the time, and it's actually a very refreshingly honest statement. You want to be effective and real. The Sing With Power Voice Teacher Certification Program is designed for singers to move into teaching voice lessons with true competence and confidence.

Each singer is unique with his or her own set of vocal issues and imbalances. As a voice teacher, you have to have an organized approach to effectively identifying and correcting any technical issues that they have. Eric's Voice Teacher Certification Program teaches you the principles and techniques to help singers improve their vocal balances and performance abilities. You really will know what you're doing!

You'll learn to help singers sing without "cracking", to sing higher and stronger notes, to effectively deliver a song to an audience in a way that deeply moves them, to sing without tension in their voices, to sing with an extremely natural use of their breathing and tone production, and do all of this with consistent vocal control.

Yes, you can absolutely learn these teaching techniques. They aren't magic! But unfortunately, having them organized and presented in such a way that they are practical and accessible is all too rare. If you are interested in becoming voice teacher, this program is easy to follow and gets you quickly teaching voice lessons at a truly professional level.


What's next? Schedule a Quick Discussion with Eric to See If This Program Is Right For You... 

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Already Teach?

Already Teach?

Most voice teachers currently teaching were never taught how to teach, they were only taught how to sing. More specifically, they were never taught to deal with any other vocal issues except their own. Most vocal instructors are good singers but aren't efficient teaching others to sing well. There is also the sad fact that most singing teachers are just plain poor teachers, though it is the system of vocal instruction that that is often to blame.

The Sing With Power Voice Teacher Training Program isn't just for the beginning level teacher. It is also for current teachers who want to be among the top voice teachers out there, having the ability to help singers at any level improve quickly and dramatically.

The program is also for the teacher who wants to grow his or her business, not only as a result of a superior teaching ability but also from the learned business skills to find new students, market teaching skills, advertise efficiently, and smoothly run a studio with consistent systems and policies & procedures so the instructor's concentration on teaching, and less on juggling business details. Current teachers will find this program incredibly helpful both in terms of increasing technical teaching skills but also in practical studio business skills.

What's next? Schedule a Quick Discussion with Eric to See If This Program Is Right For You... 

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Effective vocal training - all styles, all levels.






Want to become a voice teacher? Get certified! From education and education & teaching skills, to business setup & expansion...


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Voice lessons to go! Get Eric's successful vocal technique training programs via phone app, download & streaming tools.

Eric Bruner has been teaching voice lessons for 30 years, specializing in vocal technique, allowing singers to sing any style of music with the same comfortable, confident and effortless voice they use when simply speaking.

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