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Eric's Method -- First Lesson

Eric Bruner has been teaching voice lessons for 30 years, specializing in vocal technique, allowing singers to sing any style of music with the same comfortable, confident and effortless voice they use when simply speaking.

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Video chat
His Method

Live In-Studio Lesson

Eric Bruner teaches in-studio in The Woodlands, Texas (just north of Houston). He enjoys working with all styles, ages and ability levels.


Eric has been teaching voice lessons for 30 years, specializing in vocal technique (how you use your voice when you sing) allowing singers to sing any style of music with the same comfortable, confident and effortless voice they use when simply speaking

To find out more about lesson times and prices, feel free to Contact Us.

"Eric was the first teacher that actually showed me how to blend my upper and lower voices. Now I sing with a "connected" voice when singing rock, classical or musical theater." -Twee Vu, Singer/Songwriter


Via Video Chat

Via Skype, FaceTime, FaceBook Video Chat


The internet has made just about everything easier, including studying voice lessons. If you've used Skype before, or any internet video chat software, you know how convenient, personal and practical it can be.

Voice lessons online allows you to find the best vocal instruction, rather than your being limited to whatever voice teacher is around the corner. Many of Eric's students now study with him privately from around the country, and around the world. He has trained singers on virtually every continent.

Is studying voice lessons over the internet on Skype as effective as the in-studio lessons? Absolutely!

Voice lessons over-the-web have become not only possible and practical but highly effective and actually preferred by many students.

While most of Eric's "Skype students" are from all over the world, even some of his local students study via Skype, though they could easily come to the studio in person. They like the convenience of taking the lesson at home, and they can still get a recorded version of the lesson so they can practice what was done in the lesson. Give it a try!

AFTER first watching the video at the top of this page explaining more about lesson times and prices, feel free to book a lesson here.


"Okay. That's it. I'm never driving to another voice lesson again! The online private lessons are just as good, but I don't have to fight traffic!" Joe Longue, Atlanta, GA


Eric's Method

Singing should feel as easy as speech… it's that simple.

No matter if you're singing high notes, or low notes, loud or soft notes, your throat, jaw, and tongue should be as tension free and natural feeling as when you're speaking.

Eric was taught by, and made an associate teacher of Seth Riggs 30 years ago. Seth is considered by many to be the most successful voice teacher of the past 40+ years. Seth's amazing teaching helped singers like Michael Jackson, Barbara Streisand, Stevie Wonder, Josh Groan (first album only), Ray Charles, and a host of others, racking up over 120 Grammy's, and it has guided Eric's approach to effective singer training ever since.

Eric teaches a vocal technique (the way you use your voice when you sing) that allows this free and clear singing throughout a singer's range, without tension or the fear of "cracking". It can be applied to every style of music all without any strain in the voice. Any age, any experience level will advance.

The power of this singing technique is not only the result — a clear, comfortable, effortless voice — it's also the process — a process that is natural, fun and fast. It's not full of boring technical stuff that goes on for months and years.

Before Eric began teaching 30 years ago, he knew he wanted to give performers a powerful singing technique that could quickly be applied to every musical style, no matter their age or experience level. It has been his professional life ambition to provide students with just that. The technique Eric learned and now teaches allows singing to be as natural and easy as speaking. The techniques have been used to win 100's of Grammys because they produce an effortless, yet powerful sound.

All too often, many singers have vocal damage or chronic vocal fatigue facilitated by poor voice teaching. Many of these students come to Eric from other teaching studios with vocal polyps, nodules and pre-nodules, pre-hemorrhage and even vocal paralysis conditions. Eric has worked with the country's top laryngologists and vocal surgeons to help "reverse the effects" of students' chronic vocal problems by singing/speaking with an improved vocal technique.

(CLICK HERE to visit the Vocal Health and Vocal Care page for more details about vocal disorders).


The First Lesson

Eric's lessons are designed to be fun, but more importantly, highly effective. Within the first few minutes of the first lesson, he explains the approach and then begins the training process.

Even in their first lesson, students experience greater range and vocal ease as they are led through the first few exercises. By the end of the lesson, they have already experienced an improved, more relaxed vocal ability, far more than they thought possible in such a short time.

Each lesson is recorded so students have a personal vocal workout recording. This enables students to have an up-to-date vocal workout for practice between lessons. They simply sing along with the recording at home or in the car to properly apply the techniques and lessons learned.

Because Eric concentrates on teaching vocal technique (the way singers use their voices), he isn't limited to teaching a single musical style. He can effectively work with students on any musical styles that they want to sing. They aren't limited to any particular musical style or genre.

It's Eric's goal to work himself out of a job by striving to teach students to be their own best teacher. In other words, he wants his students to quickly identify their own unique vocal struggles and apply the right solution to rebalance their voices.


"As a performing artist you, want two things. The first is to perform consistently, at your very highest level, night after night. The second is to perform at this desired level in a relaxed manner, void of physical tension. Eric Bruner has the tools and experience that helped me accomplish these goals by teaching me to sing and speak with confidence, with the full range and power of my true voice. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish, and you will quickly notice, as I did, the benefits on stage and in your daily life." - Jeff Miller, Actor/Performer


"Eric, I just wanted to tell you that although I've only had two lessons with you, I have applied the advice you have given me to the shows I've been doing lately and I've made a lot of progress. I have been singing less hard and concentrating on 'pure' singing and the results have been great!" - Steve Steele, Artist/Performer, Houston TX

1st lesson





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Eric Bruner has been teaching voice lessons for 30 years, specializing in vocal technique, allowing singers to sing any style of music with the same comfortable, confident and effortless voice they use when simply speaking.

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Effective vocal training - all styles, all levels.


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