I'm voice teacher, Eric Bruner. I teach voice lessons in Houston, Texas and The Woodlands, Texas, and I also teach lessons to students all around the world via online voice lessons through Skype online video chat. Let me tell you more…
This is the fun part! This section allows me to show off the talents and hard work of some of my current and past students. I get the opportunity to work with some terrific singers. Here are a ton of student performance videos...
I've worked to put together the most complete vocal training material out there, pouring in virtually every vocal tip, trick, principle, exercise and approach I've used with my students for 25 years. Visit the products page...
Everything is FREE! Vocal assessments, giveaways, and a growing vocal instruction library including videos of lessons with students, workshop videos and more. It just takes about 25 seconds to sign up, so I'll see you there...
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Voice Teacher,
Eric Bruner


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